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4000-R1 - Safety Program Proedures


The following procedures will be used to implement the district safety program:

1. Accidents involving employees will be reported on Form B-65, Supervisor's Report of Accident.

2. Accidents involving students or the public will be reported on Form A-3, Accident Report.

3. Employees shall report hazardous conditions or practices in writing to their immediate supervisor or building administrator/program manager with a copy to the district safety officer.

4. Building administrators/program managers will:

a. Inform the staff of the district's safety program.
b. Provide instruction for the proper use of required personal protective equipment.
c. Provide procedures for the proper action to take in the event of emergencies, including exit routes from areas during emergencies.
d. Assist others in identification of hazardous gases, chemicals or materials, and provide instructions on the safe use and emergency actions following accidental exposure.
e. Conduct on-the-job review of the practices necessary to perform the initial job assignment in a safe manner.
f. Provide bulletin boards for the display of safety and health information.
g. Maintain first aid supplies and provide first aid training and certification for employees.

5. Staff development training programs will be provided for employees.

6. A district safety and health committee will be composed of elected employee and administrative representatives.

a. Employees shall be elected for one year.
b. If an employee position becomes vacant, another employee shall be elected to fill the vacancy.
c. The number of administrative representatives shall not exceed the number of employee-elected representatives.
d. The committee shall elect a chairperson.
e. The number of meetings, time and location shall be determined by the committee.
f. Meetings shall not exceed one hour except by a majority vote of the committee.
g. Minutes of meetings shall be kept and maintained for at least one year.
h. Areas of concern to be discussed by the committee shall include but not be limited to:

1) A review of hazardous conditions or practices and reporting the correction of such conditions or practices.
2) Evaluation of accident investigations conducted to determine if causes of unsafe acts or conditions are properly identified and corrected.
3) Evaluation of the overall safety program and provide recommendations for improvement.
4) Committee will consist of: district safety officer; accounting coordinator; maintenance supervisor; educational health services program manager; two elementary principals; one middle school building administrator; one high school building administrator; and one representative from each custodians, bus drivers, mechanics, maintenance, secretaries, food services and two EEA members.

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