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7370 R1 - Procedures for Student Group Meetings



A. Cocurricular Student Groups

Cocurricular student groups are school-sponsored associations of secondary school students established for purposes related to the school curriculum, the school's athletic program, or associated student body activities. Such groups include, but are not limited to: student council, school band or other musical group, language clubs; drama club; student publications; honor society; athletic teams and cheerleading squads. Cocurricular student groups may meet at such times and under such conditions as may be approved by the school principal or his/her designee.

B. Approval of Cocurricular Status

Any group of secondary students not clearly identified as a "cocurricular" group in paragraph A. above may apply to the school principal for recognition of cocurricular status. The school principal shall, within five (5) school days, either: approve the application or disapprove the application subject to an appeal to the superintendent or designee within five (5) school days of the principal's disapproval. Any decision by the superintendent or designee regarding cocurricular status shall be final.

C. Noncurriculum-Related Student Groups

A noncurriculum-related student group is any group of secondary students which does not qualify as a cocurricular student group under the criteria identified in paragraph A. above. No noncurriculum-related student group shall be sponsored by the school district, any school or district employee. Noncurriculum-related student groups shall include, but not be limited to groups established for political, charitable, or religious purposes. Subject to the approval of the school principal, noncurriculum-related student groups shall be permitted to use school facilities for meetings at reasonable times before or after the instructional day, and, at the discretion of the school principal, during other non-instructional time, if the following criteria are satisfied:

  1. The group must be organized for lawful purposes and may not engage in activities which violate federal or state laws or which substantially interfere with school operations.
  2. Meetings must be open to all students.
  3. Meetings shall be voluntary and must be organized and initiated entirely by students.
  4. Meetings may be advertised only on a bulletin board designated by the principal for that purpose. Any advertisement of such meetings shall clearly state that the meeting is not a school-sponsored event.
  5. Student members of the group must direct, conduct, and control all meetings of the group.
  6. Guests may be permitted to attend meetings provided they register and sign a statement promising not to direct, conduct, control, or regularly attend meetings of the group. The guest register or a copy thereof shall be given to the school principal within a reasonable time following the conclusion of each meeting.
  7. The principal may assign a staff member to attend any meeting for monitoring purposes, provided that:

    a. no staff member may be compelled to attend any meeting if the content of the speech at such meeting is contrary to his or her beliefs;
    b. if the meeting is for a religious purpose, the staff member shall not participate in the meeting; and
    c. any costs attributable to the monitoring of a meeting by an assigned staff member shall be borne by the group.

  8. Applications by a noncurriculum-related student group for approval to meet on school premises before or after the instructional day, or during other non-instructional time shall be submitted to the school principal at least five (5) school days before the desired meeting date or the first in a planned series of meeting dates. The application shall describe the purpose of the meeting, the names of the student organizers, the estimated size of the group, and shall state that the student organizers have read and agree to abide by the provisions of school board policy and administrative regulations. Individual secondary schools may require the submission of such additional information as may be deemed necessary.

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