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9130 - Sports and Special Events News Coverage


It is the policy of Edmonds School District that all arrangements for radio and/or television coverage of school events occurring on district athletic fields or in gymnasiums shall be made only with the approval of the superintendent or designee who shall exercise the legal right of the school district to control, charge for, and approve sponsorship of such broadcasts subject to the following:

1. The originating station shall bear the total cost of installing special equipment or facilities, other than those presently available at the district's athletic facilities. Such installation(s) of equipment or facilities shall require prior written consent of the district.

2. The originating station shall indemnify and hold harmless and pay all the costs of defense of any suit against the district from all claims, suits, and actions of every name and description brought against the district for or on account of, any injury or damage to persons or property arising from, or growing out of any of the radio and/or television operations and its employees provided for in this policy.

The radio and/or television station shall be permitted to admit the personnel of the stations, the number to be specified by the superintendent or designee and its required broadcasting equipment, without charge to the event.

The number of stations that cover a given program shall be limited with sub-lets to other stations that wish to hook up. A minimum charge of $100 shall be made for broadcasting rights to any one event, with an additional charge of one-half of the base fee for each sublet of each respective broadcast. However, if, in the judgment of the superintendent, the cost of such radio and/or television broadcast is not financially feasible for the originating station to assume, the $100 minimum charge may be waived and the following services substituted by the station in lieu of the fee:

1. Provision of radio and/or television spot announcements regarding district information and/or events. The specific number of such spot announcements shall be arranged and agreed to at the time of negotiation between the originating station and the superintendent or designee.

2. Support of the athletic and educational programs of the district by providing radio and/or television promotional broadcasts.

Before such programs are broadcast, the sponsor, the products advertised, and all other materials used in the proposed broadcast of the school sponsored event, shall be first subject to the approval of the superintendent or designee. The superintendent or designee shall negotiate any other necessary specific arrangements with the originating station in regard to the broadcast.

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