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9400-R2 - Guidelines for Redistribution of Equipment and Materials Donated by Parent Group in the Event of School Closure or Conversion



1. Each school will maintain an inventory of all items donated by parent organizations which cost over $50.00, the dates of donation, and the purchase price. This list will be verified annually against the records of the parent organization.

2. The donated equipment will remain at the school as long as the school remains open with the same grade levels and the donated equipment is usable and safe.

3. Should a boundary change result in a reduction of more than 25% in student enrollment in a school, the same procedures will be initiated as would be used to redistribute items from a closing or converting school. The value of items reassigned due to boundary change shall be roughly propotional to the percentage of decrease in enrollment.

4. Within ninety days after the Board of Directors' decision or before the actual closure/conversion, whichever comes later, a meeting will be held to reach tentative agreement, subject to ratification by the parent organnization(s) as to distribution of donated items among schools receiving students from the closing or converting school. The meeting will include two or three representatives of each parent organization which has donated equipment or materials to that school, the building administrator(s) and a representative of the district designated by the director of business services. In the case of two or more donating organizations in a school, each organization's representatives will participate only in decisions relating to items that that organization contributed.

a. Prior to this meeting, schools receiving students from the closing or converting school will be contacted to determine specific needs for the itmes being reassigned. Time will be allocated between the initial planning of the distribution and the final decision for the parent organization(s) to meet for the purpose of approving or suggesting changes in the plan. If no agreement can be reached between district staff and the parent organization(s), the appropriate assistant superintendent will hear both sides and arbitrate the matter. If the arbitration is unacceptable to either side, the matter may be appealed to the school Board for final resolution.

b. Donated equipment or materials to be considered for redistribution are:

(1) memorabilia which by their nature are connected with that particular school and its traditions (e.g., school crest, commemorative plaque), and

(2) Items or indivisible sets of items which cost over $50 and were donated within the last five years and such items of earlier purchase or lesser value that the group determines should be included.

5. No equipment permanently affixed to the buildings or grounds will be removed. However, the group identified in 4. above may recommend at this time what the ultimate disposition of such items should be if the school is eventually sold. Affixed itmes which would deteriorate of left unused should also be considered at this time.

6. Once an item has been reassigned, it will be added to the donated equipment list of the receiving building and that building's administrator will sign a receipt acknowledging that these items will be returned to the original school, should it be reopened. In the event of subsequent closure or conversion of the receiving building, the parent organization(s) of the school in which the equipment is then being used will take part in redistribution decisions. However, the original school where the donation was made will be indicated on the inventory and will receive such items back if it reopens.

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