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9500-R1 - Procedures Related to Public Requests for Removal of Instructional Materials

Requests for removal of material alleged to be objectionable are of two kinds: (1) requests that an individual student be excused from using certain specified instructional materials, and, (2) requests that specified material be removed from use by any student.

  1. Procedure For Excusing A Student From Use Of Specified Material

    A parent or guardian may, by written request to the building principal, ask that an individual student be excused from using specified instructional materials.

    The principal may meet with the requesting party and appropriate staff members prior to making a decision on the request. If the parent or guardian is not satisfied with the resolution of the request at the building level, he/she may request a meeting with the superintendent or designee to resolve the matter. The decision of the superintendent in such cases shall be final.

    When the decision is made to excuse a student from using specified instructional materials, the teacher will assign the student an alternate selection of approximately equivalent difficulty which is appropriate to the same or related objectives, provided, such a selection is available.
  2. Procedures For Processing Requests To Remove Specified Material

    1. Informal Resolution of Requests
      When a request is received, the appropriate administrator shall meet informally with the person making the request to hear the specific objections being raised and to explain how and why the challenged material was selected. The administrator may propose a resolution to the problem as part of this discussion. If, at the end of the informal discussion, the person making the request still wishes to challenge the material, a written request on the appropriate form must be submitted.
    2. Filing of Citizen's Request for Review or Reconsideration
      Any citizen residing within the district or any employee of the district may request review or reconsideration of materials. All such requests shall be presented in writing on the appropriate form, and shall include the name of the author, the title, the publisher, and the objections by pages and items. In the case of materials other than printed material, written information specifying the precise nature of the objection shall be provided. The statement must be signed and identified in such a way that a reply will be possible. Completed forms must be sent to the superintendent or designee.
    3. Review Committee

      A review committee shall be appointed by the superintendent or designee for the purpose of making a recommendation to the superintendent regarding the future use of the challenged material. The committee shall be composed of the superintendent's staff member responsible for the school or program where the challenge occurred; an administrator with experience in instructional media or curriculum; one building administrator; and two certificated staff members.
    4. Processing Citizen's Requests

        1. Review Committee Procedures
          The committee shall consider:
            1. whether the challenged materials were selected in accordance with district criteria and procedures for selection of instructional materials,
            2. the written rationale for reconsideration presented by the person making the request,
            3. the rationale of the staff member(s) who advocate continued use of the materials,
            4. published reviews of the materials, and
            5. opinions of other competent authorities.
        2. Request For Public Hearing
          The review committee shall, upon appeal of a requester who is a parent, guardian or custodian of an Edmonds School District student, hold a public hearing prior to submitting a final report.
        3. Reports From The Review Committee
          A written report from the committee shall be submitted to the superintendent or designee for a decision. A copy of the review committee's report and the superintendent's decision shall be forwarded to the requester after a decision has been made, but no later than 30 school days after the receipt of the written request.
        4. Restriction On Use Of Materials
        5. Any restriction of the use of challenged materials will be done solely at the direction of the superintendent or designee.
        6. Appeal To Board Of Directors
          If the requester does not accept the decision of the superintendent or designee, an appeal to the Board of Directors may be made in writing within 30 calendar days of receipt of the decision of the superintendent or designee. The Board of Directors will issue a final decision within 60 calendar days following receipt of the appeal.

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