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9710-R1 - Procedures Regarding Student Teaching



The process for student teacher placement and evaluation shall be coordinated by a human resources administrator, the student's college or university supervisor and the principal and the cooperating teacher in the building to which the student teacher is to be assigned.

The human resources administrator has the responsibility for:

  1. making the final decision in regard to the assignment of student teachers;
  2. assigning only one student teacher to a cooperating teacher during any one quarter, except in unusual circumstances;
  3. assigning no more than two student teachers to any one cooperating teacher during any one year, except in unusual circumstances;
  4. assigning student teachers to cooperating teachers who are experienced and recommended by their principals for such responsibility;
  5. acquiring student teacher evaluations for district use.

The building principal has the responsibility for:

  1. advising the human resources administrator of those cooperating teachers who are interested and qualified in order to ensure quality training of future teachers;
  2. orienting student teachers to school policies and procedures;
  3. assisting the cooperating teacher and other appropriate individuals in the instruction and evaluation of student teachers.

The cooperating teacher shall:

  1. have demonstrated his/her ability to provide appropriate teaching experiences for the student teacher;
  2. be willing to accept the responsibility of working with a student teacher for the specified time of the proposed student teaching assignment;
  3. have the health and vitality necessary to assume the added responsibility of working with the student teacher and the college or university representative;
  4. be sufficiently free of other responsibilities to give adequate guidance and supervision to the student teacher;
  5. assist the building principal, the college or university and other appropriate individuals in evaluating the student teacher.

Student teachers shall be supervised jointly by Edmonds School District personnel and the supervisor assigned by the college or university.

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