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Gen-Ed Transportation - COVID-19

Covid daily wellness Attestation Form (pdf)

Edmonds School District Transportation Services
COVID-19 Screening and Symptom ProceduresEdmonds School District
Updated September 2, 2020


The purpose of this procedure is to state what health screening will be completed for students during the COVID-19 pandemic with respect to students riding the school bus. This document also states what procedures are in place if a student presents with symptoms or develops symptoms while in the transportation or in the school system.


Transportation Administration, Student Services, School Administration


Attestation documentation stating a student meets requirements to be in school is recommended prior to the student coming to the school bus. It is required that the attestation process be completed on the student’s arrival at school. Parents are requested not to send students to the school bus who may not meet health requirements. Edmonds School District’s central administration is responsible for the details of how attestation will be implemented. It will not be positively verified if a student boarding a school bus has completed the self-attestation process. It will be assumed by Transportation that every student is qualified to ride the school bus and the attestation process has either been completed or will be successfully completed on the student’s arrival at school.

School bus drivers will not take student temperatures or carry out other health screening tasks.

Student with Symptoms of Possible COVID-19 Infection
If a student is at a bus stop and presents with symptoms which could indicate COVID-19 infection, the school bus driver will contact transportation dispatch. Dispatch will make every attempt possible to reach an adult who can take that student home from the bus stop. If no contact is possible, the school bus driver will separate the potentially symptomatic student as much as possible from others and will transport the student to school.

If a student presents at school with possible symptoms of COVID-19 infection or develops symptoms while at school, every effort will be made to have the student transported home by a guardian or their designee. Transportation of a symptomatic student by school bus is a last option. That transportation may only be carried out on a bus with no other students, and the transportation must be approved by the transportation director or the transportation supervisor.

Eligibility for Transportation Following the Presentation of Symptoms
Following the appearance of COVID-19 symptoms, the administrator or designee responsible for the student’s attendance at school will follow the requirements of Snohomish Health District and any other requirements set by Edmonds School District Health Services.

Snohomish County Health District guidance is located here: http://www.snohd.org/documentcenter/view/3399

The administrator or their designee responsible for the student’s attendance at school is responsible for carrying out the above procedure. The administrator or their designee will notify Transportation:

A.   When a student becomes ineligible for transportation because of COVID-19 symptoms.
B.   When a student regains eligibility for transportation following symptoms of a potential
       COVID-19 infection.
C.   Transportation will notify the administrator responsible for a student’s program if Transportation
       becomes aware of possible COVID-19 symptoms. Transportation will not provide transportation
       until it receives confirmation from the administrator that the above procedures have been followed
      or that the situation reported did not warrant following the above procedure. 

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