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                                      The First and Second Place Winners
                                                         2014 Edmonds School District
                                                              Battle of the Books!
  • All The Right Type  All The Right Type - Use your District Username.  Password = password
  • Dance Mat Typing - Typing practice with an English accent - Different stages to practice
  • Powertyping - online typing practice with games
  • Please practice 3-5 times per week for 15 - 20 minutes!
  • Keyseeker  - Keyseeker - Kindergarten      ABCYA  -go to grade level - scroll down for typing practice

                                                                                          -Alpha Munchies, Cup Stacking, Keyboard Invasion, Type Rocket, Sky Chase

Images for Projects
Pics4Learning – copyright friendly images for educational  projects 
Google Images - Click on Search Tools - Usage Rights and select "Labeled for resuse" for copyright free images


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