There are “extra” activities for every Lion Cub at Lynndale Elementary! Kids come early, stay late, and enjoy every active minute of the day. Thanks to the combined efforts of so many people who care about kids - our volunteers, our staff, our PTA, the Edmonds Public Schools Foundation, the Hazel Miller Foundation, the Boeing Corporation, the Family Center, and the Applegate Foundation of the Washington State PTA – we are able to offer all these activities for our young Lions at no cost to them or to their families! No wonder they call our community a “pride” of Lions! We are beyond-words proud of our extended Lynndale family, and beyond-words grateful for the wonders they make possible!


If you would like to support any of these programs, either by participating as a volunteer or contributing as a donor, please call our school office at 425-431-7365. There’s a place for EVERYONE at Lynndale, and we need YOU!



Last Modified on February 27, 2013