Lynndale Running Club was started several years ago by 6th grade teacher, April Musselman, and 3rd grade teacher, Cassie Ladoski. The Club is open to all 4th, 5th, and 6th grade students, as well as to any of their younger siblings in the primary grades. Meeting twice weekly after school in the fall and spring, and staffed by parent volunteers during lunch recesses, Running Club has allowed our kids to participate in the Seattle Kids’ Marathon in November, and in the Port Angeles Kids’ Marathon in June. The young runners “earn” 25 of their marathon miles at school, and triumphantly cross the 26 mile finish line, most often accompanied by their parents and Running Club teachers, at the Big Events.


It’s easy to spot the Running Club kids at school – they’re the ones proudly wearing those chain necklaces with a colorful tennis shoe charm representing every mile they’ve run or walked (really fast!) in the after school meetings or during the lunch recesses. Parents, community members or staff volunteer their time to track each runner’s progress, and to award the tennis shoes as they are earned. Our teachers and our wonderful volunteers have donated their time over the years because they have observed and continue to believe in the power of Running Club to inspire, encourage, and empower young people to achieve more than they ever dreamed possible.


If you would like to support Lynndale Running Club, either by volunteering for a lunch recess or by donating much needed funds, please contact Lynndale’s Office Manager, Diane Grossenbacher, at 425-431-2750, or by email at Funds are needed to pay for a school bus to the Kids’ Marathons, and for helping some students and families acquire much needed running shoes and all-weather gear. You can also show your support by coming to the Seattle Kids’ Marathon and the Port Angeles Kids’ Marathon and cheering loudly for those proud young Lions and their families as they cross that 26 mile finish line!  

Last Modified on September 13, 2014