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  • The 2015-16 eLearning Academy Application will be available June 2nd.  Interested in applying to eLearning for next school year.  Please check back after June 2nd to fill out an application. 
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  • We now have a news tab which will provide all updates about the program
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Program Overview

The Edmonds eLearning program is a school district funded online school that offers students the option to for free one or more classes in a self-paced online environment.  All the student course work is available via the Internet and no special equipment other than access to a computer and a good Internet connect are needed to participate. Classes are semester based and a student is expected to complete an online class in no more than 16 weeks from the date of enrollment.

We feature  a mastery based program in which students can demonstrate prior knowledge in a subject area and if they successfully pass a section by section diagnostic exam only complete course work in those sections they have not previously mastered.

This works particularly well for credit recovery classes in which the student has previously taken the class but failed to earn credit.

 We also provide students access to computers and teachers Monday and Wednesday 10am to 4pm and Tuesdays and Thursdays 1pm to 6pm at the Edmonds ESC (20420 68 Ave W). This drop in lab is used by students to get face-to-face help from a teacher, meet and socialize with other online students, discuss issues they are having in the program with staff and get a little extra motivation form our highly dedicated staff. Please check Schoology for any changes to this schedule.

Online classes provide yet another option for students to be successful.  However, just as every school or program is not a good fit for every student; the same is true of online classes.

 Online students should possess the following skills or attributes:

  1. Desire / Willingness to take classes online
  2. Ready access to the internet, with a home computer
  3. Basic Internet and computer skills (navigate the Internet, email, copy and paste, save a file, use  a word processor)
  4. Willingness to communicate with teacher(s) over email
  5. Ability to be self-motivated
  6. Process good time management skills


  • How do I know if online learning is right for me?

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    Are you self-motivated? Willing to ask for help? Have basic computer skills?  Can read for information?  Enjoy learning in different ways?  Can communicate effectively using email? Then eLearning might be the right choice.  Click on the following link to take a short assessment about your online learning aptitude.  Are you ready to take an online course?
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  • How do I apply to your program?

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     Please click on the following link to fill out an application: eLearning Application
     1. Student completes the application.
     2. Student meets with their school counselor to fill out course enrollment form
     3. eLearning will send you an invite a week before the next scheduled orientation with a link to RSVP.
     4. RSVP to the orientation session you can attend.
     5. Complete the online orientation on our schoology page.
     6.  Attend the face to face orientation at the ESC (20420 68th Ave. W, Lynnwood). 
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  • Are eLearning classes free?

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    Students are not required to pay for a course if it is within the 6 period school day.  A course taken outside the six period day (7th period for example) costs $350 per course per semester.  Our Washington State History course costs $65. 
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  • Does eLearning mean I get to work at my own pace?

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    eLearning courses are online and available 24 hours a day/7 days a week including holidays.  However, due dates are set and must be met to show success in eLearning.  Students have flexibility in their schedule when working on their courses, but we expect all students to work at least 5 hours per week per course they are taking with eLearning if on semester pacing and to meet all due date deadlines.  Students can always work ahead of schedule, just not behind schedule.  If a student completes a course ahead of schedule, they can sigm up for their next course and do not necessarily have to wait until the quarter or semester break. 
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  • What if I am interested in full time eLearning?

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    Full time eLearning is a serious commitment. Students must be organized, self-motivated, and have very good time management skills.  Our full time students are expected to attend lab at least 3 hours a week.  To be considered for full time eLearning, students will need to complete at least one of their online courses at quarter pacing successfully.  Once a student is successful, they can be considered for full time.  Full time students will meet for a separate orientation with the eLearning Coordinator and Counselor. 
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  • Have another Question?

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    Please check out more FAQ's under Student Resources and the Parents tab. 
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