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Getting to School - Bus Stops and Routing

Getting to School -- Bus Stops and Routing

The Edmonds School District serves a 36 square mile area of Snohomish County, and provides transportation to:

  • 20 Elementary Schools
  • 4 Middle Schools
  • 5 High Schools
  • 3 K-8/K-12 Schools
  • Several Pre-Kindergarten Schools
  • Several Contracted and Specialty Schools

The safety, health, and wellbeing of children are major concerns and responsibilities of all communities. Parents, school districts, local health departments, community organizations, city and county officials including planners, public works, and law enforcement all play a role in nurturing a new generation of safe and healthy children. The District has approximately 23,000 students with just under 50% riding to school on School Buses.

The Edmonds School District is working hard to provide the best Transportation Services in the State of Washington. We have been improving our routing capabilities by implementing new tools that will help staff and parents get students to school on-time, safely, and efficiently:

New Routing Software

When it comes to school transportation software, we need a solution that emphasizes accuracy, efficiency, and safety. Education Logistics offers a best-in-class school bus routing software package that includes some modern features the Edmonds School District can grow into:

  • Routing and planning systems - an intuitive interface and automated tools to make day-to-day routing easier.
  • School bus GPS tracking systems - real-time information that makes routing and planning more efficient, and allows families to know where their bus is.
  • Student ridership tracking systems - improve safety by keeping everyone informed and aware.
  • Fleet and driver management solutions - keep track of driver and vehicle status, track safety procedures and preventative maintenance.

Edulog Parent Portal

The Edulog Parent Portal is a self-service app that allows you to track your child’s assigned transportation from his or her school. The Parent Portal can give parent’s access to personalized information about their child. Because it links up with GPS tracking systems on the bus, parents can see what bus their child needs to catch, where it is, and what time they will be picked up, reducing the need for phone calls and empowering parents. learn more...

Attendance and Walk boundaries -- Walking Routes

With our top priority being student safety, the Transportation Services Department collates and makes available information about school attendance area boundaries, walk zone boundaries, and walk paths within those boundaries. This is the same information we utilize in planning and establishing our bus routes. learn more...

Requesting Routing or Bus Stop Changes

Things change! There is no other more constant principle in life than this. We try very hard to fill the transportation needs of students in our District, but inevitably there will be a need to change something. We understand this need and want to be able to understand, track, and respond to needed changes. For this reason, we have created an on-line Transportation Change Request form to be used whenever a parent or guardian wants to make a change to student transportation. (If you can't get to the on-line form yourself, please ask for assistance at your school.)

There are commonly two types of changes that are requested:

  1. A change in how a student uses existing transportation services. (i.e. "Please change my student's bus assignment from bus XXX to bus YYY." or "Please change the location that my student catches the bus from stop A to stop B.")
  2. A change in the transportation service itself. (i.e. "Please move the bus stop from this location to that location." or "Please add a stop to the bus route at xxx location.")

When you make a request for a change to the service, please explain any safety concerns in detail, and clearly state why your proposed change improves safety. This type of change request can take some time to complete. Changes must be researched and analyzed against Washington State OSPI Safety Guidelines and prove to be a clear improvement before a request can be approved and implemented. Changes with no driving safety improvement but for convenience only are not generally considered compelling.

Driving Directions to Schools

Please visit this page for driving directions to the schools within Edmonds School District.

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